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Pensacola Airport Shuttle

Ride with the Best Airport Shuttle in Pensacola

Pensacola Airport Shuttle Pensacola Airport Shuttle service is a Pensacola based company known for providing outstanding customer service and being one of the top local airport shuttle business. Make regular trips to popular vacation destinations in Northwest Florida, such as Destin, Navarre, Pensacola Beach, Perdido Key, Miramar Beach and Santa Rosa Beach. We also transport our customers to vacation destinations in Southeast Alabama such as Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, Foley, Fairhope and Mobile.

Direct Shuttle Providing Door-to-Door service

What is a direct shuttle? A direct Shuttle is an airport shuttle service that will take you to the airport without making stops to pick up (if going to the airport) or drop off (if coming from the airport). They transport you directly to your desired destination. You will find that the direct shuttle will be the most commonly offered service in a city such as Pensacola, which is considered a median sized city.

With Pensacola Airport Shuttle,  we are a direct shuttle service that provides door-to-door service.

Reserve a pick up today! No need to worry about leaving your car in an airport parking lot!

How does the shared-ride airport shuttle service work?

A shared ride airport shuttle is designed to provide air travelers with a lower-priced option to the door-to-door direct shuttle type services. The cost for a direct shuttle for the customer will typically be approximately 20% less than what an airport taxi would charge.  The shared ride service will vary. The shared ride shuttle service will make multiple stops, picking up passengers on the way to the airport, depending on the number of passengers and the amount of stops on the route. Although the shared ride service is considerably less expensive,  one disadvantage is that you will have to plan for extra time for your transmute to the airport since you will be making multiple stops.  Also, shared ride shuttles are typically buses, whereas direct shuttle, or private shuttles, are typically vans or sedans. Obviously you would agree that there will be a difference in comfort between the two transportation options.

We recommend booking your ride at least 48 hours in advance of your departure. You want to be ready about 15 minutes before your scheduled pick up time. You will ride with other passengers on the way to the airport. The airport shuttle driver will drip you right at the entrance of the airport.  You will need to schedule your pick up for 2 1/2 to 3 hours of your departure time.

How a Shuttle Differs From an Airport Taxi Service

Airport taxis are stationed at the Pensacola Airport and per airport policy, the customer is expected to take the first taxi available at the front of the line. Airport taxis, as are all taxis, have meter installed in their vehicles. The customer pay what ever the meter reading is at the end of the trip. The meter will not only factor in miles, which is computed at $2.35 per mile, but also time. Time is factored in whenever the vehicle speed is less than 25 miles an hour, or is at a complete stop. With that said, the disadvantage to taking a taxi is that the rate can get quite high when you get into heavy traffic. This is especially true when you are traveling during the busy season to popular vacation destinations.

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