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Choosing Airport Shuttle Transportation

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The Airport Shuttle – Why Use One?

Some Modes of Airport Transportation Can Be a Hassle

AirportShuttleWhether you are planning on traveling nationally or abroad, the trip will often carry with it a certain amount of stress, whether the trip is a vacation, visiting a friend or traveling for business. And if you fly frequently, you understand the trip may not always go well. And the increasing costs of travel and the hassle of lugging your luggage around can raise your blood pressure a few notches.

Airport Shuttle Price and Convenience

When you are able to lower your transportation costs and avoid the stress of handling your bags,  an airport shuttle service should be considered because it takes care of all that.  And if you compare other options such as an airport taxi, limo or Uber, the airport shuttle usually makes more practical sense in terms of price and convenience and ease of setting up.

So What is an Airport Shuttle?

An airport shuttle service is a service of convenience that will transport you to the airport and then transport you back to your home after you fly back.  Most areas, large and small will usually have several company’s to choose from and will usually find one within your budget.

Shuttle Service – The Most Affordable Option

There are many reasons a shuttle service will be more appealing than other modes of transportation is the cost.  In fact the cost savings of using a shuttle over other services is the primary reason that shuttle are becoming the preferred option.

Those that opt to drive themselves to the airport using their own cars are finding that costs for airport parking is becoming more expensive than it used to.  Although, some areas have budget parking, the lower price usually comes with a lower level of security.  Parking your car for a few days might make economical sense, but if your not returning to the airport for a few weeks, you might be looking at a substantial parking fee.

If you are considering a taxi, you can expect to pay at least 25% more that with a shuttle. And since time is factored in on a taxi ride, getting stuck in traffic will put you at the mercy of the taxi driver.  When you hire a shuttle, you will almost always be quoted a flat rate.  Also, a standard taxi is not always the best option if you have large suitcases or bags.

If you do a comparison with other modes of transportation, the shuttle will almost always come out the cheapest.

Dependability – Shuttle services are in the business of getting people picked up on time. A good shuttle service understands that the success of their business depends on it.  A taxi service is not always the best mode of  transportation for several reasons. One reason is that they are typically not an appointment-based operation, whereas a shuttle service is. For that reason, they are not always focused on meeting time schedules.  Also, a shuttle service will generally have nicer more up-date-vehicles, since they are meant to be an upgrade to a taxi service.


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